Philbrook Farm Inn
881 North Road
Shelburne, New Hampshire 03581

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About Philbrook Farm Inn
Philbrook Farm Inn - 1920'sWith no knowledge of what was to follow, the original farmhouse was built in 1834. The present family living room and office were part of this structure. It was merely a run down farm when Susannah and Harvey Philbrook bought the property in 1853. In 1861, they built an addition and welcomed their first guest.

In the 1890's Susannah and Harvey's youngest son, Augustus, and his wife Alice took over the farm and inn. Cottages were built, and in 1905, a section was built on the east end to accomodate the increasing number of guests. When Alice died at an early age, beloved Aunt Fanny came home to bring up the young family and manage the household.

Eventually, the youngest son of Augustus and Alice bought the property. Lawrence and his wife Helen built an addition to the west wing (now containing the dining hall) after a disastrous fire in 1934 had levelled their large barn. They had 3 daughters who helped them through the years; Helen, Constance, and Nancy.

Connie's children, Ann and Larry, who are the 5th generation of the Philbrook family to welcome guests to their home.

Grampa Gus and Ann
This greeting, written by Helen Philbrook in 1947, is now part of the history of Philbrook Farm Inn. It reveals the legacy enjoyed by 5 generations of Philbrooks, who have continuously lived here, and operated the inn as a haven for guests. It's a living history, full of tenacious character and down home New England charm. A stay at Philbrooks provides a chance for you to experience a rare continuity in a fast changing world.


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Philbrook Farm is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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